ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


Ass. Prof. Łukasz Hładowski, Ph. D.

Phone : +48 68 328 4733
E-mail :
Room: 325a



  • Multidimensional systems
  • Repetitive processes
  • Parallel computing


  • Introduction to computer science
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Principles of software engineering
  • Computer graphics
  • Digital color management


  • 2D Systems based Dynamic Iterative Learning Control Design with Experimental Validation on a 3D Crane Model
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  • Repetitive process based design and experimental verification of a dynamic iterative learning control law
    Hladowski Ł., Galkowski K., Nowicka W., Rogers E. - Control Engineering Practice, 2016, Vol. 46, pp. 157-165
  • Application of the Dynamic Iterative Learning Control to the Heteroplanar Active Magnetic Bearing
    Hładowski Ł., Mystkowski A., Gałkowski K., Rogers E., Chu B. - 2020 - 21st IFAC World Congress. International Federation of Automatic Control, pp. 1537--1542
  • Further Results on Dynamic Iterative Learning Control Law Design using Repetitive Process Stability Theory
    Łukasz Hładowski, Krzysztof Gałkowski, Eric Rogers. 10th International Workshop on Multidimensional (nD) Systems - nDS 2017. Zielona Góra, Poland 2017 .- New York : IEEE Explore, 2017, pp. 1--6