ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


Assoc. Prof. Artur Gramacki, Ph. D., D.Sc.

Phone : +48 68 328 2536
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Room: 310
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  • nonparametric kernel estimators
  • acceleration of calculations in statistics
  • FPGA in numerical methods


  • databases
  • database management system (DBMS)
  • database internet applications


  • FFT-Based Fast Computation of Multivariate Kernel Estimators with Unconstrained Bandwidth Matrices
    Artur Gramacki, Jarosław Gramacki - Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2016 [in press]
  • FPGA-Based Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density Estimation Using High Level Synthesis Approach
    Artur Gramacki, Marek Sawerwain, Jarosław Gramackii - (submitted, 2015)
  • Differences in exterior conformation between primitive, Half-bred and Thoroughbred horses: anatomic-breeding approach
    Marcin Komosa, Hieronim Frąckowiak, Halina Purzyc, Maria Wojnowska, Artur Gramacki, Jarosław Gramacki - Journal of Animal Science, 2014, Vol. 91, No. 4, pp. 1660--1668
  • Graphics processing units in acceleration of bandwith selection for Kernel Density Estimation
    Witold Andrzejewski, Artur Gramacki, Jarosław Gramacki - International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2013, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 869--885
  • Density estimations for approximate query processing on SIMD architectures
    Witold Andrzejewski, Artur Gramacki, Jarosław Gramacki - Poznań University of Technology, Institute of Computing Science, 2013 ; 50 pages. Technical Report No. RA-03/2013 (