ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


Assoc. Prof. Maciej Patan, Ph. D., D.Sc.

Phone : +48 68 328 2668
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Room: 422b
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  • Optimal experimental design in spatio-temporal varying systems. Parameter estimation techniques in distributed systems. Model-based fault diagnosis for nonlinear systems. Control of mobile robots.


  • Methods of data analysis. Numerical methods. Operational research. Foundations of program modelling. Modelling and simulation.


  • Optimal Sensor Networks Scheduling in Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems
    Maciej Patan; Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol. 425, Berlin - Heidelberg, Springer, 2012.
  • Distributed scheduling of sensor networks for identification of spatio-temporal processes
    Maciej Patan; International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, 2012, Vol. 22, No 2, pp. 299-311
  • Optimum design of experiments for enzyme inhibition kinetic models
    Barbara Bogacka, Maciej Patan, Patrick J. Johnson, Kuresh Youdim, Anthony C. Atkinson – Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 2011, Vol. 21, pp. 555-572.
  • Optimum group designs for random-effects nonlinear dynamic processes
    Maciej Patan, Barbara Bogacka; Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 2010, Vol. 101, No 2, pp. 73-86.