ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


Ass. Prof. Andrzej Czajkowski, Ph. D.

Phone : +48 68 328 2276
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Room: 325



  • ICT in teaching process
  • Fault Tolerant Control
  • Artificial Intelligence: artificial neural networks
  • Modeling of nonlinear dynamic systems


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Java and Web technologies
  • Computer graphics
  • Windows Server


  • Robust Fault Detection by Means of Echo State Neural Network
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  • Fault tolerant control system design using dynamic neural networks
    Andrzej Czajkowski, Zielona Góra : University of Zielona Góra Press (Lecture Notes in Control and Computer Science Vol. 25), LNCCS ,2016, ISBN: 978837842263
  • Remote access and virtual meeting tools as an interactive and amltimedia techniques used in the teaching process
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  • Sensor-Based Weightlifting Workout Assisting System Design and its Practical Implementation
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  • Application of the state space neural network to the fault tolerant control system of the PLC-controlled laboratory stand
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  • Robust control with disturbance estimation using Echo State Networks for the Twin Rotor Aero-Dynamical system application
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