ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


The research in this area is focuses on the problem of where to locate measurement sensors so as to guarantee maximal accuracy of parameter estimation. This is of paramount interest in applications, as it is generally impossible to measure the system state over the entire spatial domain. In particular, the optimal measurement problem for spatially movable sensors was considered.
In this context a number of approaches have been developed for optimal path planning of moving sensors in experiments related to parameter estimation of distributed parameter systems but also in the situations when some additional control objectives have to be satisfied. In particular, time-optimal observation strategies have been considered as well as the problem of determining a proper spatial distribution of moving sensors over the considered domain. The main idea of the proposed approaches consists in reformulating the problem of optimizing sensors movements in terms of an optimal control one and its effective solution with the use of some existing numerical packages. In addition, as an alternative technique for planning sensor trajectories a computationally attractive approach based on dynamic programming has been proposed.