ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


Quantum Information (QI) is a new field of science and technology, which draws upon the disciplines of physical science, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Its aim is to understand how fundamental physical laws can be harnessed to improve radically the acquisition, transmission, and processing of information. The inspiration for QI is the discovery that quantum mechanics laws could be exploited to perform very important and otherwise intractable information-processing tasks. Quantum effects have already been used to create fundamentally unbreakable cryptographic codes, to teleport the full quantum state of a photon, and to compute certain functions in fewer steps than any classical computer can (quantum computations and quantum algorithms). Since the academic year 2003/04 these new ideas have been popularised through systematic lectures and seminars organised for students and junior reserchers of our faculty. The main objective of this activity is to create a new research group concentrated on theoretical problems of QI. A preliminary version of software for simulating the action of a quantum computer on a local computer cluster at our institute was completed and tested in the middle of 2005. The main objective of this activity is to create in near future software for simulating quantum computations on a bigger scale based on the resources of the national hypercluster CLUSTERIX.