ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering



The laboratory offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning and operation of modern convergent computer networks, local wireless networks and programming technologies for Android-based mobile devices. The training comprises the following courses:

  • Services in Mobile Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Safety in Computer Networks and Systems
  • Mobile Devices Programming
  • Convergent Networks
  • Network Information Systems
  • Computer Networks Design
  • Programming Languages I & II

In the educational process we employ MS Windows and Linux 7 operating systems, with a particular focus on tools available simultaneously on most platforms (e.g., Eclipse in programming). Additionally, due to the excellent possibilities of the network infrastructure and available equipment, the lab offers a good basis for learning the mechanisms of processing and analysis of great amounts of data as well as company management systems within the following courses:

  • Java and WEB Technologies
  • Social Networks and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Computer Systems in Company Management
  • Decision-Supporting Systems II
  • Internet Applications.