Workshop Venue

7th Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis

19-20 November 2009, Zielona Góra, PL

About Zielona Góra
Zielona Góra's situation near the Polish-German border, the proximity of major traffic arteries and the surrounding nature are great assets of the town. Zielona Góra has a very favourable geographical location. The international routes and railway lines intersect in its vicinity, connecting Scandinavia with the south of Europe and Warsaw with Berlin. International road E65 and national roads No. 3, No. 27 and No. 32 run nearby. Furthermore, over 200 km of motorways are to be built near the city: A2 Paris - Moscow, A3 Szczecin - Prague and A4 Brussels - Kiev. Our city is 160 km away from Berlin, 290 km from Prague, 130 km from Poznań, 160 km from Wrocław and 413 km from Warsaw. The city has direct rail links with winoujcie, Kołobrzeg, Terespol, Katowice, Warsaw, Konin, Szczecin, Poznań, Wrocław, and Gdynia. There are two airports near Zielona Góra: the passenger and cargo airport at Babimost, and sports and other purposes airfield at Przylep. The communication network of the city is one of the best in Poland owing to the modern system of ring roads, among other things. Zielona Góra is situated amidst the tree-covered hills - the woods alone constitute about 45% of its area. The name of the city (the Green Mountain) renders its character very well. Most of the outer housing estates are surrounded by hilly woodland area. The number of green areas within the city itself is also substantial. Over 260 species of trees and shrubs, including 81 natural features of historic significance can be found here.

About the University
The University of Zielona Góra was founded on 1 September 2001 as a result of a merger between Zielona Góra's Pedagogical University and Technical University. The University comprises ten faculties, which provide education for about 18 thousand students within 39 areas of study and different types of courses (full-time and part-time ones) conducted at various levels (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral). All faculties use the European Credit Transfer System, which facilitates partial study abroad. Thanks to the University's co-operation with foreign institutions, students have the opportunity to participate in European Union exchange programmes, such as Erasmus, while academics can take part in staff exchange and international research projects, for example, within the Framework Programmes. All faculties have the right to confer Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and we also grant doctoral and postdoctoral (doctor habilitatus) degrees. The University of Zielona Góra can accommodate a total of 1660 students in 6 University residences, which are partially adapted to the needs of the handicapped. The University offers various opportunities for educational, cultural and sports development. Our students participate in seminars and discussions, camps and trips, as well as scientific research activities. The University Library offers access to diversified collections of books in many languages and a wide range of leading international scientific journals. Students have continuous access to the Internet as well as well-equipped technical, computer and language laboratories, and can also enjoy a thriving social life, with student entertainment clubs hosting famous comedy groups, music bands, the academic choir, sports associations and many more.

Workshop Venue
Uniwersytet Zielonogórski, A-8
ul. prof. Z. Szafrana 1
65-516 Zielona Góra

How to get there
From Hotel Ruben
From Hotel Polan
From Hotel Sródmiejski
From Hotel Minerva
From Hotel Qubus