ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


Assoc. Prof. Marcin Mrugalski, Ph. D., D.Sc.

Phone : +48 68
E-mail :
Room: 327b
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  • Artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic
  • GMDH neural networks
  • Neural networks based modelling of nonlinear systems
  • Fault tolerant control
  • Diagnostics of industrial processes


  • Computer Networks (CISCO Local Academy Instructor)
  • Internet technologies
  • VoIP and telepresence
  • Design of computer networks
  • Convergent networks


  • A quadratic boundedness approach to a neural network-based simultaneous estimation of actuator and sensor faults
    M. Pazera, M. Buciakowski, M. Witczak, M. Mrugalski. Neural Computing and Applications, 2020, Vol. 32, issue 2, pp. 379-389
  • Fault diagnosis of an automated guided vehicle with torque and motion forces estimation: A case study
    M. Witczak, M. Mrugalski, M. Pazera, N. Kukurowski, 2020. ISA Transactions Vol. 104, 370-381.
  • Procedural Method for Fast Table Mountains Modelling in Virtual Environments
    K. Warszawski, S. Nikiel, M. Mrugalski, 2019. Applied Sciences Vol. 9, pp.1-20
  • A neural network approach to simultaneous state and actuator fault estimation under unknown input decoupling
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  • A quadratic boundedness approach to robust DC motor fault estimation
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