ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


The key feature of the dynamics of a multidimensional system is dependency on more than one indeterminate so that information is propagated in many independent directions. Physical processes such as wave propagation, atmospheric and river pollution, iterative learning control for robot manipulators, signal coding and filtering in communications systems and 3D object rendering in computer graphics and animation industry are some of the numerous applications with inherent multidimensional characteristics.
The research in this area is focused on the stability and controller synthesis of multidimensional processes that may possess transportation lags, algebraic constraints, uncertainties, and non-linearities and parameter variabilities, e.g. periodic.
Multidimensional processes in continuous and discrete time, as well as those having differential-difference and singular description, are considered. Particular attention is paid to stability and controller design for processes with repetitive, or multipass, behavior characterized by a series of sweeps through a set of dynamics defined over a fixed finite duration known as pass length. One central task is the development of a unified state-space theory for stability and synthesis formulated in terms of matrix inequalities, which is supposed to have lower computational complexity than the other approaches.