ISSI Institute of Control & Computation Engineering


Computer graphics. The main goal is to broaden the capabilities of computer graphics and to introduce new mathematical modelling methods into image creation processes. Chaos and fractal theories are placed in the focus of research activities in this field. The results can be applied to terrain modelling, further curves and surfaces, light model evaluation and the representation of intricate graphical structures.
Visualization. The aim is to study how we perceive and recognize visual things and how we may use computer graphics to give insight to data and information. In the nearest future, visualization techniques will be extended to encompass more general information in addition to numerical data, and will lead to essential tools for all who search for and use information, whether in business, commerce, manufacture, education, or science.
Virtual environments and multimedia. The main goal is to develop new interactive forms of human-computer communication, which is especially challenging in three-dimensional environments. Also, the reconstruction of non-existing architectural objects falls within the scope of the research. The following subjects are also studied: synthetic world generation, software tools and toolkits, X3D, representational issues, LODs, databases, performance issues, distributed environments.